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We currently have two components to our Agency

  •  INTEGRATED FAMILY SERVICES, provides resources and technical assistance to families of all incomes at no cost.    
  • ITBF-Integrated Services, operates as a Consulting Agency to assist clients with services such as Establishing and Starting New Businesses, Contract Proposals, Grant Writing, Property Management and a variety of other services. 
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This program was founded in 2009 and developed based on personal experiences of our founder.   Her passion started from losing her father as a young child, due to various complications surrounding his Military Career and PTSD.  Her idea to start this program came from dealing with a variety of life challenges such as losing a sibling to gun violence, being a teen mother, a victim of domestic violence, divorce, military spouse, and watching family members and friends being denied access to services in the community.  She brings a wealth of knowledge from working within numerous state government agencies and also many years within the federal government.  She has received numerous advanced educational degrees in the areas of Mental Health, Criminal Justice, Public Administration and Education.  She has a PhD in Human Services and a lifelong passion and commitment to helping serve the community.  
Our Organization is designed to take "Families" and "Business" to another level.  We assist anyone in need through a referral base system throughout the United States.  Anyone can refer a family or request services for themselves.