How it all began...............

On March 19, 2009, my brother, "Larry D. Wingster Jr. aka Lil Zuke", was murdered in Savannah, Georgia.  He left behind a son just like many other young men and women who have been murdered throughout the years in Savannah.  This July he would have celebrated his 40th birthday and to honor his memory, I have decided to organize an event to give back to a local Savannah family. 
Recently, our economy has experienced some major downfalls causing an increase in our Nation’s unemployment rate.  We have witnessed many families lose their homes and searching for community resources just to make ends meet.  Raising a child is a difficult task and to do it alone can often cause a mental strain on the family.  Often times this leads to our youth giving up on life, school and losing hope in our community.  As a community, it is our responsibility to partner and support our youth.  Sometimes a small gesture can make a difference in a child's life and give them the strength to keep going.  I designed this organization around giving support to families and focusing on strengthening our community. – Alzena

What will be awarded?
  • The family will receive year round services for the 2011-2012 school year.  
  • Each child in the chosen family will receive school uniforms, shoes, underwear, socks, and all accessories.
  • All school supplies and book bags will also be provided.
  • All girls will receive a complimentary Salon Service @ “Satin Dollz” by Shannon.
  • All boys will receive Haircuts @ “HOLMES Barbershop” by ERIC and TONY.
  • If any of the children are Seniors in high school, we will take care of all senior dues and fees leading up to graduation.  This will also include senior photos and class rings. 
  • Every week we will be including more services and incentives!

  • Any family/child(ren) who's biological or legally adoptive parent is deceased.
  • Eligible ages are from birth to age 21.  All children over the age of 5 must be enrolled in school. Youth between ages 19-21 must be enrolled in an accredited secondary college or institution.  
  • To be eligible the total family income level must be within a range close to the "Federal Poverty Guidelines" as listed by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of labor's (DOL) Lower Living Standard Income Level (LLSIL) Guidelines.  (http://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty/11poverty.shtml)
  • Once a referral is submitted, the review process will take 3-5 business days.  If the family meets the initial qualifications they will receive notification and will be required to submit eligibility documents no later than 5pm est. on Monday June 27, 2011.
  • Anyone can refer themselves or a family through the Integrated Services website.  The only way to submit an application will be online @ www.itbf-integratedservices.org. (Please submit applications through the "contact us" page above!)
  • Deadline to submit all applications will be 11:59 pm est. on June 24th!
  • No information and applications will be accepted after the deadlines. No applications will be taken via phone. 

Some of the items that may be required for eligibility:
  • Copy of Birth Certificates for all children.
  • Copy of Death Certificate or an official funeral announcement listing children names. 
  • One month's copy of the family earnings or proof of social security or public assistance.
  • Utility bill to show proof of residency.
  • Last report card for all school aged children.
  • All information collected is strictly confidential.

How you can help!
  • We will be accepting donations from local businesses to enhance the benefits above and to also open this up to many more families.
  • If you plan on attending the "HAMPTONS OF THE SOUTH, ALL WHITE AFFAIR" July 2, 2011, there will be a donation box at the door that will be used to donate money towards the event, as well as physical items.  If you plan on bringing physical items please contact Alzena before the event to get the sizes and/or supply list for the family. 
  • All monies collected will be counted and announced at the “All White Party”.
  • Help us by spreading the word to families in Savannah that may be in need of this award.  Also we would like to target local businesses in the Savannah Area that can help donate items to families in need.
  • No donation is too small!!!  If we obtain enough excess items then we will be able to choose other families to help for the upcoming school year.